Mini painting wrap-up – Etherfields Wave 1

In my last post, in which I talked about shading Etherfields miniature figures, I ended by saying that I’d have to wait until the the weather got warmer and dryer before I could go outdoors and spray-varnish the minis.

Then I discovered a varnish made for airbrushes. I applied four light coats to each mini, spaced at least 30 minutes apart, then waited an entire week for everything to cure. It’s time to put the minis back in the Etherfields box, waiting until I can play the game.

Each player has their own card box, and their own pair of miniature figures (one regular, one “Lucid”). I painted each set in the individual characters’ colors to make it easy to tell who’s who.
The smaller Etherfields miniatures, including player pieces. The fifth player’s miniatures come in a separate box. I 3D-printed a separate holder for them.
The larger Etherfields miniatures, nestled in the game box among the decks of cards.
The Creatures of Etherfields expansion, with all the minis in place.

Take another look at the picture of the larger miniatures. Examine the pale blue figure. Look at the loopy section on the lower right. The paint did not fully cover that bit of the miniature.

That’s not the only one that I discovered was not fully painted. The annoying part is that I didn’t spot any of these mistakes until I actually put the miniatures in the boxes. With all the checking, handling, painting, and varnishing, I completely overlooked them.

My decision: Leave it for now. Within a month I’ll be painting the miniature for Tainted Grail. I may fix those problems then… or maybe not.

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