Argothald is my table-top fantasy role-playing world.

I started running the game in 1978; I ran weekly or bi-weekly through 1987. When I got back from my thesis experiment, I tried to revive the game. But real life intervened, and I stopped running it in 1989. To my surprise and joy, in 2011 I was asked to start running Argothald expeditions again.


  • Here is the latest version of the Argothald Manual, based on the Fate Core rules. It includes an overview of the world, but not the complete Fate rules; those you have to get elsewhere, perhaps with Legends of Anglerre for some minor supplementary material.

    The Argothald Manual is around 70 pages long, since it’s the sum of a decade’s worth of effort in campaign design. No, you don’t have to read the whole thing to play Argothald.

  • This is a PDF form that can be used as a character sheet for the Fate Core system.
  • I occasionally write about Argothald in my blog.
  • For Argothald junkies, here are details about the evolution of the game since 1978.