The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special is notorious. I remember watching it when it first aired. I was desperate for more Star Wars, and was willing to watch anything. Afterwards, I went "Huh?" I got more out of watching the Ewok movies eight years later. The 1978 Special is best known for introducing the character of Boba…

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Marx and racism

With a title like that, you might think I'm going to talk about how Karl Marx's economical and political theories apply to racial inequality. Nope. I'm going to talk about racism in the Marx Brothers movies. Recently, with much pandemic-induced free time on my hands, I re-watched all of the Marx Brothers films, in chronological order. They…

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Watchmen – The TV series

At the time I'm writing this, the Watchmen HBO TV series is available on Hulu, and possibly other streaming platforms. That first sentence was for the web-link summary. Let's step back a bit. I stated in an 2009 blog post that I felt that Watchmen was the finest comic I ever read. Part of the reason I…

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Interlude in a waiting room

I had to have one of my regular blood tests today. After checking in, I sat in the waiting room. Opposite me was a TV tuned to the Fox network. A talk show called Wendy was just starting. Apparently a feature of the show was Wendy going over the recent news, with the studio audience applauding, cheering,…

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Blank Screen

I went to a screening of Incredibles 2 tonight. I walked into the theater about five minutes before the scheduled start. The screen was blank. That's a bit unusual these days, but it was an IMAX screen; I figured that perhaps they didn't have any commercial fluff that was in IMAX format. The starting time of the…

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“The Last Jedi” – my experience

This is not a review. There will be no spoilers. I had not intended to see The Last Jedi on its opening day. I anticipated the theaters would be jammed. Also, there were was a lot scheduled at work both today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday), including a #ScienceOnHudson talk and the lab's holiday party. Just as I…

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This is one of those "Oh! I just watched this incredible thing and I gotta tell you about it!" posts. If you're feeling a bit media-saturated and would rather just wait until the female Doctor is unveiled in the next Christmas special, I'll understand if you want to skip this post. So: Sense8 is the series that…

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This past weekend I turned on my HBO subscription in order to watch Game of Thrones. It gave me the opportunity to binge-watch another HBO series, Westworld. I have mixed feelings about the series. As I'd heard, the show has a narrative complexity and messes around with the viewers' perceptions in an intriguing way. This sustained the…

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The Hollow Crown

There's a lot of good television becoming available right now (e.g., American Gods and Doctor Who). There's one more show that's a bit harder to find in the US that I'd like to bring to your attention. The Hollow Crown is a British TV series that presents Shakespeare's cycle of plays on the events that led to…

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List of movies that give me tears

I recently tweeted “Just finished watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Gosh, it’s dusty in here.” So here’s my list of movies at which I’m certain to tear up, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. For most, the big emotional reaction is at the end, but there are a couple of exceptions.


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