Faire Dreams

I dreamed about the NY Ren Faire again last night. To be sure, this wasn't the first time. I've dreamt about Faire periodically in the years since I left it. What's interesting to me is that my "mental map" of the Ren Faire in my dreams has slowly changed over the years. The layout changes: a new…

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Wizard’s Staff

Like many folks, I have that box in my closet filled with cables that I keep "just in case." Today I decided to go through that box and toss out the stuff that I knew was obsolete or that I'd never use again. Sure, there was the usual batch of BNC cables and excess power cords. But…

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Smile and wave

This morning, I dreamed that I walked in the Merchants Parade at the New York Ren Faire. In the dream, I did everything I used to do: exhorting the patrons to smile and wave, giving out huzzahs to the merchants along the way. This is the first time I've had this dream. I didn't have it during…

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Letting go

I keep dreaming about setting up my booth at the Ren Faire, even though I made the decision to leave last year. This doesn't change my life much, nor does it make me regret my decision. It's just a measure of how much the Faire gets into your blood.

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The Laugh

When I listed my pleasant memories from the NYRF, I mentioned something for which I’d like to tell the full story.

Let’s set the Wayback Machine to 1999. I’ve been diagnosed with an eye problem that will require surgery. Both the problem and the surgery to correct it are rather "squishy" and I’ll spare you the details. I’ll also spare you the suspense, since it’s not relevant to the story: the procedure was successful and my eyes are fine.


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