Great Wall board game: cat pictures

This is a collection of photos from when I unboxed my copy of the Great Wall board game by Awaken Realms. This post is not a game review; I haven’t played it yet and I don’t usually review board games on this blog. I just wanted to share some pictures for those who might be interested in the game. Or cats. Or both.

What’s in the box? Jiku searches for the answer to this question.
I only managed to get one flap open before Shuba also wanted to know the answer to the question.
The answer is: Shuba is in the box!
Jiku disagrees with that answer.
The dull, human answer: The boxes inside the box. Clockwise from top left: Great Wall Black Powder expansion, Greal Wall main game, Great Wall Stretch Goals, card sleeves, Great Wall Ancient Beasts.
Inside the main game, we have the minis. They look amazing, as is true for all Awaken Realms games. Note that each players’ minis have a different sculpt.
Isn’t this a nice, simple board? (Answer: no! This is a big game!)
Inside the stretch goals box: the fifth player expansion. The gray-colored minis in the upper right are for the Genghis Khan module, which adds difficulty to the main game.

I have not yet opened the Black Powder expansion; I’m told that this module adds so much to the main game that it’s highly recommended. I also haven’t opened Ancient Beasts yet.

You may notice that for a game entitled “Great Wall” there is a dearth of pictures of walls, great or otherwise. The reason is that I haven’t assembled the wall components yet. I’ve read that when the walls are assembled, they no longer fit in the game box. There are various insert solutions that can be 3D printed. I plan to look into that.

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