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Dragon eggs! The cats like to knock these off my bookshelves.

A letter about 3D printing

Dear Bill of March 2020, It's Bill of October 2023. How are you? Don't bother to answer. I remember. I've been meaning to write to you for some time about what's in store for you. I won't talk about the big historical events; Julie Nolke has that topic covered. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the…

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Making a holder for miniature figures

For the first wave of the game Etherfields, I received a fifth-player expansion. It included two additional miniature figures to play that fifth character, the Reaper. To store and transport those figures, I downloaded and 3D printed a holder that someone else designed: I recently received the second wave of Etherfields content. It included lots more minis.…

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3D Printing 13 Bowls

... or maybe 12, or maybe 14; perhaps even 15. We'll get to that. I have in mind one or more blog posts on my personal trials and tribulations with 3D printing. This is not that post. Here I'm focused on one particular task: printing the Acorn Garden libation bowl. Truth in advertising: The various pictures and…

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The Colors of the Qabalah

I've just finished my first color design project for my Shapeways shop, Kickin' Wiccan. It proved to be challenging in ways I did not expect. My goal was to create a full-color three-dimensional model of the Tree of Life. For anyone not familiar with the Tree of Life, it's the best-known design from the Jewish mystical interpretation…

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