Tally marks

A couple of days ago my friends saw a series of posts on Facebook. As a couple of people guessed, this had to do a fictional race called The Silence from the TV series Doctor Who. In the show, the chief property of The Silence is that you forgot about them the instant you looked away. The…

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The Three Doctors

No, this isn't a Doctor Who post! I've performed seven weddings so far. My rate for starting successful marriages is: Three couples are still together, two marriages ended because one of the partners passed on, and two divorces. That's roughly the national average. Note that, in order to maintain my average, Deborah Lipp is forbidden to die.…

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My name in Gallifreyan

This is my name in Gallifreyan, as translated by this program. There's a "simplified" guide here. Now you have something to look for as you watch episodes of Doctor Who. My thanks to crave and YOZcreative for the links.

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This newly-discovered disease refers to the inability to keep quiet when you see someone else using using a device with a speech interface. What the device's user says: "Note eight dollars for lunch." What Siri hears: "Note ten dollars for lunch wow is that an iphone I've thought about getting one but Apple products are so expensive…

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Observations on a Sunday morning

I just tried to listen to my cats' heartbeats using a stethoscope. I couldn't hear it; any heart sounds were drowned out by the sound of purring.Instead, I spent the time petting both my cats at once. Not a bad way to hang out on a Sunday morning. Of course, the logical conclusion is that since I…

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