Eclipse report – 21-Aug-2017

Watching this total eclipse was better than losing my virginity. (My apologies to the lady in question, but this is a technical post and I feel I must be completely accurate. Besides, at 2m 11s, the total eclipse lasted longer.) I traveled to Greenville SC to see the eclipse. (There will be a separate blog post about…

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Who has two thumbs and a $4000 car repair bill? This guy! I don’t know if this will impact my ability to go to Free Spirit. I have to see if I can start getting into “saving mode” again now that I’m out from under my regular medical expenses.

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I just came back from a trip to California to visit my mother. I had a medical emergency while I was there. I am so glad Nancy went with me. Without her, things would have been much more complicated. I'll arrange for more complete medical care during this coming week. One thing is clear: I can't go…

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