Election 2018

In past years I've voted straight down the Democratic Party ticket. The exception was when the Democratic candidate was also running as a candidate for a minority party (e.g., Working Families); then I vote for them under the minority ticket in an attempt to give greater voice to those who feel underrepresented. This year, I feel I'm…

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New York Primary Elections

The New York Primary Elections are on Thu, Sep 13th. We've learned in recent years that primary elections are very important; the results of those elections bear on issues like who the superdelegates are at the Democratic National Convention. I've been doing some web research on the candidates. I found Ballotpedia to be a very useful resource,…

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Our new form of goverment

A friend of mine recently posted that the incoming administration was going to be a: kleptocracy = government by theft I agreed with the spirit, but disagreed with the specifics. I did a teeny bit of googling, and came up with this term: pseudocracy = government by lies I thought it appropriate, given the statements made by…

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I wish I had a choice

I have to vote for Barack Obama in 2012. The Republican slate consists of people with such an anti-intellectual stance that I cannot vote for them. But with the President's decision not to veto the NDAA, I dearly wish there was a Democratic contender running to oppose him.

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