Tally marks

A couple of days ago my friends saw a series of posts on Facebook. As a couple of people guessed, this had to do a fictional race called The Silence from the TV series Doctor Who. In the show, the chief property of The Silence is that you forgot about them the instant you looked away. The…

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Logically, I should write this today

It’s a general day of memoriam and memories of actor Leonard Nimoy. Here’s my Spock/Nimoy story. I was a science fiction fan from childhood. In third grade, a teacher loaned me a copy of Eleanor Cameron’s The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. That book started my fascination with SF that continues to this day. I started…

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Quick review: I just came back from seeing STID. Without spoiling: Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor. He has the range to portray villains: nasty villains, noble villains, tragic villains. He could be Sherlock Holmes, the Doctor, Moriarity, the Master, or Richard III. But he's not the villain for this film. That, plus plot holes you could…

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20th-century Doctor Who

Edit: In the four years since I wrote this post, I've offered its link to many folks who expressed an interest in Classic Doctor Who. Over time, this post became a bit obsolete: The current Doctor Who series has increased its references to the classic series; previously "lost" serials have been recovered and are worth inclusing. In…

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My name in Gallifreyan

This is my name in Gallifreyan, as translated by this program. There's a "simplified" guide here. Now you have something to look for as you watch episodes of Doctor Who. My thanks to crave and YOZcreative for the links.

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Advantages and disadvantages

I'm reorganizing my apartment. I bought three new book cases, donating those books I no longer need, and moving the remaining books to different shelves.  This has its advantages. For one thing, all my Wicca-, pagan-, and magic-related books are in one place my students can access easily, in case they have to reference something. It also…

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