I first met Geela Naiman in the early 1980s. There was an SF fan gathering at my house. Sherry Nehmer, an editor at Analog, was the featured speaker. Near the end of Nehmer's talk, a friend of hers arrived to drive her home. That friend was Geela, though I didn't hear her name at the time. After…

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From today's Writer's Almanac: On this day in 1327, the poet Petrarch saw Laura for the first time. [...] Petrarch was 22 years old, and she was a teenager, maybe 17. He fell instantly in love. He wrote: It was the day when the sun's heavy rays Grew pale in pity of his suffering Lord When I…

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Protected: Good-bye

So I said good-bye to her.No fuss, no discussion, no more futile attempts at closure. I don't think she understands that we won't see each other again, or that that will be entirely her choice.She taught me a lot. But one lesson I did not learn is how to let go. Maybe I'll finally learn that lesson…

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Polyamory: my views

I was going to entitle this post “What polyamory means to me,” but I thought that sounded too much like a grade-school essay: “What democracy means to me,” “What America means to me,” “What freedom means to me.”  Perhaps we can consider this post as one of a series that I started forty years ago in elementary school.


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