“Give him six.”

A addendum to my last post: he Doctor said I should be given some ibuprofen. The Hostess found a bottle. The Doctor asked, "How many milligrams of ibuprofen are in each pill?" The Hostess looked at the label. "200 milligrams." "Give him six." So the Hostess gave me six pills and I swallowed them down. The Doctor…

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Pain and fantasy

Last Saturday, I was at the home of a friend of mine. Call her the Hostess. The reason for the visit was to meet with Melissa Dinwiddie. She's an artist, musician, and creative consultant. I was there to attend a workshop Melissa was giving on how to encourage creativity. About a half-hour into the workshop there's a…

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My bookshelves were full of all the games I’ve purchased recently. The games had spilled over onto the floor, stashed in canvas bags so I could easily grab them to take to a friend’s place or a game night.

A friend of mine had a couple of bookcases she had to give away. They were the same style as the Billy bookcases I already had. I took action.


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