3D Printing 13 Bowls

... or maybe 12, or maybe 14; perhaps even 15. We'll get to that. I have in mind one or more blog posts on my personal trials and tribulations with 3D printing. This is not that post. Here I'm focused on one particular task: printing the Acorn Garden libation bowl. Truth in advertising: The various pictures and…

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Secrecy, Mystery, and Privacy in Wicca

Recently, a friend texted me with the following question. Here is that question and my reply in more-or-less the text format of my responses. I have heard that the Gardnerian tradition is pretty secretive. Is this true, and to what extent are those details secretive? I can’t tell you, because it’s a secret! OK, seriously: The word…

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Pearl anniversary

I first got involved with Wicca 30 years ago. It's my tricennial! That makes it my pearl anniversary, if you believe the marketing of the jewelry companies. I don't have much to add beyond what I posted for my 25th anniversary in the Craft. There are a couple of minor differences: World of Warcraft is no longer…

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The Four Doctors

This is a follow-up to my post The Three Doctors. Again, it's not a Doctor Who post. I've got a PhD in particle physics, am a doctor by courtesy with Universal Life Church, and also a doctor by courtesy with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Why would I want another? The issue is being able…

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Hold your nose

It just occurred to me: In the past year, among my Wiccan friends, a couple moved to North Carolina, another friend moved to South Carolina, another is moving to Texas. Among my gaming friends, one has moved to Philadelphia. Another is moving to Seattle. A couple are moving to Minnesota. It's my deodorant, isn't it?

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My Silver Jubilee

Something occurred to me recently: it's my quadranscentennial. I've been involved with Wicca for 25 years. Of course, that's not a record by any measure. What do Craft Elders call someone who's been Wiccan for 25 years? Answer: "The new kid." I'm almost overwhelmed by the journey my life has taken: From my first reading of "The…

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The Three Doctors

No, this isn't a Doctor Who post! I've performed seven weddings so far. My rate for starting successful marriages is: Three couples are still together, two marriages ended because one of the partners passed on, and two divorces. That's roughly the national average. Note that, in order to maintain my average, Deborah Lipp is forbidden to die.…

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