3D Printing 13 Bowls

... or maybe 12, or maybe 14; perhaps even 15. We'll get to that. I have in mind one or more blog posts on my personal trials and tribulations with 3D printing. This is not that post. Here I'm focused on one particular task: printing the Acorn Garden libation bowl. Truth in advertising: The various pictures and…

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Secrecy, Mystery, and Privacy in Wicca

Recently, a friend texted me with the following question. Here is that question and my reply in more-or-less the text format of my responses. I have heard that the Gardnerian tradition is pretty secretive. Is this true, and to what extent are those details secretive? I can’t tell you, because it’s a secret! OK, seriously: The word…

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Pearl anniversary

I first got involved with Wicca 30 years ago. It's my tricennial! That makes it my pearl anniversary, if you believe the marketing of the jewelry companies. I don't have much to add beyond what I posted for my 25th anniversary in the Craft. There are a couple of minor differences: World of Warcraft is no longer…

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The Four Doctors

This is a follow-up to my post The Three Doctors. Again, it's not a Doctor Who post. I've got a PhD in particle physics, am a doctor by courtesy with Universal Life Church, and also a doctor by courtesy with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Why would I want another? The issue is being able…

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Hold your nose

It just occurred to me: In the past year, among my Wiccan friends, a couple moved to North Carolina, another friend moved to South Carolina, another is moving to Texas. Among my gaming friends, one has moved to Philadelphia. Another is moving to Seattle. A couple are moving to Minnesota. It's my deodorant, isn't it?

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My Silver Jubilee

Something occurred to me recently: it's my quadranscentennial. I've been involved with Wicca for 25 years. Of course, that's not a record by any measure. What do Craft Elders call someone who's been Wiccan for 25 years? Answer: "The new kid." I'm almost overwhelmed by the journey my life has taken: From my first reading of "The…

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