It was a nice decade while it lasted.

Once every two years, the Particle Data Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories publishes their Review of Particle Physics. This is both a web site and thick magazine, about the size of the New York telephone directory. The production issues associated with such a volume are so complex that, even though it’s only published biennially, publication is distributed among several physics journal publishers; in 2010 it was published by Journal of Physics; this year it was published by Physical Review D.

In other words, it’s a big deal.


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Biography postponed

I wanted to let some folks know: Right now, all my work on Isaac Bonewits' biography has stopped. I'm dealing with health issues. That has to be my "project" for now. If you'd like to volunteer any memories, materials, thoughts, ideas, or contacts, I'll be glad to receive them. The best place to send them is the…

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Smile and wave

This morning, I dreamed that I walked in the Merchants Parade at the New York Ren Faire. In the dream, I did everything I used to do: exhorting the patrons to smile and wave, giving out huzzahs to the merchants along the way. This is the first time I've had this dream. I didn't have it during…

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Protected: Butt-kicking

I don't like to write these medical status updates without something positive to include. I see far too many LJ posts from people on my friends list who post nothing but the unrelenting misery of their lives, with no hope. So I always try to find that element of hope to counter-balance and overcome the difficultly. I…

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