Too much too soon

Today I went to a party at the home of Emily and Tim. They were celebrating the second birthday of their daughter. It was not really a birthday party, as much as it was an excuse for folks to hang out and have a BBQ.

At first I told them that maybe I’d come. Then I changed it to no. Then I changed it to maybe just this morning. After all, I’d gone to a game night, so I should be able to handle this. Right?

Unfortunately, no. I won’t go into details, but an hour-long drive is not the same as a fifteen-minute one. I got there, but I was not feeling well. Gradually my state improved, but I wasn’t looking forward to the trip back.

Hermes and Hecate looked out for me again, this time without my asking. Vann and Joyce showed up at the party. Vann made the offer to drive me home in my car, with Joyce following in their car. I accepted.

I must learn to listen to my body more and not try to push myself quite so hard. It was good that I overcame my fears and tried. But when it comes to my health, I have to temper my enthusiasm with patience.

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