Smile and wave

This morning, I dreamed that I walked in the Merchants Parade at the New York Ren Faire. In the dream, I did everything I used to do: exhorting the patrons to smile and wave, giving out huzzahs to the merchants along the way.

This is the first time I’ve had this dream. I didn’t have it during the 14 years I actually walked in the parade, and it’s been three years since I was a merchant at the Faire. I wonder why I’m having this dream now?

It was definitely a Six of Wands moment.

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  1. phaedrahps

    The new normal

    If it were my dream, I would think it was a memory of a happier normal. There was a time when it was easy to make people smile, instead of hoping that others can come forward to make you smile.

    My new normal is no fun. Yours may not be as fun as it used to be, either.

    1. wgseligman

      Re: The new normal

      That’s kind of sad. You may be right.

      Dammit, I’m a witch! It’s gotten harder, but I can still find ways to craft my own reality.

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