Definitely “naughty”

As I noted on Twitter, on Christmas Eve the "check engine" light came on in my car. Today I got the bad news from the dealer: the front catalytic converter went out. That's $1500 in parts and labor. Clearly I was Santa's "naughty" list this year. This stings all the harder because six months ago I put…

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I’ve continued to attend board-game night at Hobbytown in Nanuet NY on Thursday nights. I haven’t blogged about each night, so this is a bit of a catch-up post. Here are some of the games I’ve played and enjoyed.


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I have purchased the second expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. I also purchased a card box (with dividers) so all the cards can be stored and played from a single place. You have permission to tremble in fear, or in excitement. It's your choice. Thank you for your kind attention.

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