Vault Story Dice – the cat pictures

A few days ago, I received another box from Awaken Realms: Of course, the important question is: How did the cats react? Awaken Realms' Vault Story Dice are fancy optional dice for use in various games. You can easily make out the boxes that contain the Tainted Grail and Etherfields dice. What's in the other three? Actually,…

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Kings of Ruin: Cat pictures

I recently received Kings of Ruin, the latest game in the Tainted Grail saga. Awaken Realms specializes in these large-scale narrative games that come with elaborate miniatures, and Kings of Ruin is no exception. Let's see what the cats think of it. Let's look at the game from the less-relevant human perspective. Narratively, Kings of Ruin is…

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1200 Days of Klingon

qaStaHvIS wa'SaD cha'vatlh jaj tlhIngan Hol vIHaDtaH = I have studied the Klingon language for 1200 days. In my post 1111 Days of Klingon, I said it might be my last post on Klingon. Obviously, it wasn't. In a "what the heck" mood, I decided to try the first lesson of "Section 4" in the Duolingo course.…

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Playing Portal on a Silicon Mac

It's been a while since my last tech post. Time for another one. The games Portal and Portal 2 are two of the best video games ever made. They're both basically puzzle games. What makes them different from other games? The clever use of space. The key tool of Portal is the "portal gun". It instantly connects…

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Waltz Day

It's probably too late for word of this to spread, but: As I type this, tomorrow will be 12/31/23, in the American date notation. The pattern is 1-2-3-1-2-3. That means it's Waltz Day. This should not be confused with National Dance the Waltz Day, which is on March 4.

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