Adoption Day: Year three

Warning: Yet another post that consists mostly of cat pictures that probably only I find to be cute.

Today (19-Jun-2024) is the third anniversary of the day I accepted a couple of cute kittens into my home. By now Jiku, Shuba, and I have settled into our lives together.

Getting their claws clipped is at least a four-person activity: Me to hold Shuba, Andrew to clip the claws, Shuba to look indignant, and Maria to take the picture.
Most of the activities they enjoyed as kittens have faded into the past. But Jiku still enjoys being in sync.
As cats grow older, they tend to become less social with each other. That’s why I make an effort to take a photo when I see them together.
Two cats. One laundry basket. No waiting.
What’s in the box?
Jiku is in the box!
Jiku claims a box.
Shuba disputes the claim.
The box disputes continues a couple of weeks later.
Shuba is not sure whether he’d like to play Fluxx or Munchkin.
Jiku rolls up a new character. This time he’ll put “Opposable Thumbs” on his character sheet.
Shuba has read the rules for Great Wall and is ready to play!
When a guest leaves a bag behind, by default it becomes a new cat bed.
Jiku lounges on the window sill. Strictly speaking he’s not supposed to be there; I don’t want the cats getting tangled in the speaker cables. But the need for privacy exceeds Bill’s petty desires.
Shuba poses near the cat treats. This is not a hint. It’s not a hint, Bill. It really isn’t. Now open the damn Tupperware.

Jiku and Shuba wish you a Happy Adaption Day!

Bill’s stuff is the best stuff.

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