ChatGPT and me

For a lazy Sunday-morning blog post, and in the spirit of how one Googles oneself occasionally, I asked a question of ChatGPT:

Tell me about William Seligman at Columbia University

William Seligman is a Professor of Economics at Columbia University. He specializes in macroeconomics, monetary economics, and financial economics. His research interests include the study of financial crises, monetary policy, and the interactions between financial markets and the macroeconomy.

As a faculty member at Columbia University, William Seligman is involved in teaching and conducting research in the field of economics. He contributes to the academic community through his publications, presentations, and participation in conferences and seminars. His work helps to advance our understanding of economic theory and policy, and he plays a role in shaping the
education and research activities at Columbia University.

Nicely phrased. Except I’m not and I don’t and if I ever started calling myself “Professor” at the physics lab they’d probably find a reason to fire me.

I checked the Columbia University directory, and there’s no William Seligman there other than myself.

Oh, well. If Columbia starts using ChatGPT or some other form of AI at their personnel department, maybe I’ll start getting paid a professor’s salary and get tenure.

(It’s also not a “lazy Sunday morning” in that I’m giving a talk tomorrow and on Wednesday and I’ve got documentation on a particle-detector’s simulation suite to finish. Back to work!)

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  1. William Seligman

    At a friend’s suggestion, I asked the same question again. Here’s the answer:

    I apologize for the confusion in my previous response. As of my last update, there is no publicly available information about an individual named William Seligman specifically associated with Columbia University. It is possible that there may be individuals with that name who are affiliated with the university, but without further context or details, I am unable to provide specific information about a person named William Seligman at Columbia University. If you have additional information or context, please provide it so I can offer a more accurate response.

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