1111 Days of Klingon

qaStaHvIS wa'SaD wa'vatlh wa'maH wa' jaj tlhIngan Hol vIHaDtaH. = I have studied Klingon for one thousand one hundred and eleven days. Three Klingon-related posts in a row! However, there's more to this particular post than the alliteration of the digit "1": It may be my last post on Klingon. In other words, I've finished the Duolingo…

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1100 Days of Klingon

qaStaHvIS wa'SaD wa'vatlh jaj tlhIngan Hol vIHaDtaH = I have studied Klingon for one thousand one hundred days. The way our calendar works has gives me another milestone on the heels of another. Five days ago I celebrated three years of studying Klingon. Klingon was invented by a linguist who wanted to create an alien language. I…

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Opening the Trunks, Part 2 – APAs

Let's start with a disclaimer: This blog post, like my last two, is based on personal reminiscences. I'm telling my little stories while my aging and cracking memories still have enough integrity that I can pretend there's an element of truth to them. Here I'm going to focus on my participation in the New-York-City-area table-top role-playing fan…

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Dragon eggs! The cats like to knock these off my bookshelves.

A letter about 3D printing

Dear Bill of March 2020, It's Bill of October 2023. How are you? Don't bother to answer. I remember. I've been meaning to write to you for some time about what's in store for you. I won't talk about the big historical events; Julie Nolke has that topic covered. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the…

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Star Trek: Resurgence

At the end of my review of Lord of the Rings: Gollum, I wrote: ...my next video-game review will about a game based on a widely-known IP, with antique graphics, and even more glitches than Gollum. I loved every minute of it. Given my fondness for Telltale-style games, and my oft-unrequited love of Star Trek, it probably…

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