The Elements of Rituals

Look at what I got!

This is a follow-up photo to the original:

What’s going on? Is the The Elements of Ritual, Revised Edition that good?

While I won’t say it isn’t, that’s not why I have two copies.

It boils down to over-enthusiasm. When Deborah announced her book last year, it appears that I placed an order on Amazon. Some months later, when she announed the publication date, I’d completely forgotten my earlier order. I placed another order at LLewellyn.

There’s an interesting coincidence. Eleven years ago, I also found myself with two copies of the The Elements of Ritual. Perhaps it was for the same reason!

What will I do with the second copy? Probably the same thing I did last time: It will go to the Acorn Garden student who first hands in the complete set of homework.

A couple of decades from now, when Deborah revises it again, I’ll have to be more careful in my ordering.

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