Vault Story Dice – the cat pictures

A few days ago, I received another box from Awaken Realms:

The Awaken Realms Vault Story Dice box.

Of course, the important question is: How did the cats react?

Shuba inspects the new box.

What was inside the box? Story Dice!

Awaken Realms’ Vault Story Dice are fancy optional dice for use in various games. You can easily make out the boxes that contain the Tainted Grail and Etherfields dice. What’s in the other three? Actually, they’re not clearly labeled on the outside, and I haven’t had the chance to open most of them yet; after all, it’s not likely that I be using the dice any time soon.

These aren’t simple replacements for D6s. They come with new rules for each dice set, if you choose to use them. They’re completely optional, and introduce a “high-risk high-reward” element to the game.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of the Etherfields dice:

The contents of the Etherfields Story Dice box.

The “not-so-lucky” faces of the Luck die. You can see two of the sides are X (as opposed to one X die-face in the base game).

The “lucky” die faces of the luck die. You can just make out that one of the faces has two dots, and two of the faces have three dots. There is no die face with one dot. In Etherfields, the more dots the better!

Back to the cats:

Shuba likes Awaken Realms boxes.

Jiku does too!

I’m not expecting any more Awaken Realms boxes anytime soon. But there’s always some box coming in. I’ll keep you posted.

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