Civic duty

I was one of the jurors let go as a result of a challenge. So my jury duty is over. I won’t have to do it again for four years (for a federal court) or six years (for a state court).

I don’t know why I was let go. I did speak up during the voir dire, but always was truthful and made no excuses. But other jurors were dismissed as well, for no apparent reason, and who said or did nothing special during the voir dire.

They might have not wanted a physicist on the jury. Maybe it was because a central issue of the case was whether a hunter firing at a monkey would hit if the monkey dropped from the tree at the instant the gun was fired.

Seriously, as they promised, it was a valuable lesson in civics and court procedure. I vaguely looked forward to seeing the entire case played out. But I must also admit that I’m relieved that I can get back to work (and Passover).

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