Time and the gravestones

Back in 2012, I wrote about the gravestones of two dogs buried on the estate of where I work, Nevis Laboratories. What little I know about them are in that post.

T. T. – DIED DECEMBER 8 – 1887

I took those photos in 2012.

In 2015, I wrote a follow-up post about how it’s become harder to keep a clear path to those graves.

Since 2020, I’ve continued to isolate due to COVID. While I’ve visited Nevis occasionally, it’s been on weekends when no one else is around. I’ve focused on going in, getting the task done, and leaving.

One consequence of this is that I haven’t tended to the gravestones in three years.

Yesterday, Nevis held its annual picnic. As has become the custom for the past several years, I gave my talk on the history of the Nevis estate. I show the above pictures as part of the talk. Although I could not be there to give the students a tour of the Nevis grounds, some of the students were guided by a grad student (who’d been on my tour years ago) to the site of the gravestones.

The dog’s gravestones in 2023.

Comparing the old photos to the new, it looks like the stones have been shoved towards the tree stump that you can see in the above photo. They may no longer mark the actual locations of the remains of Toto and T. T.

The next time I visit Nevis, I’ll try to get to the site and clean up what I can.

The reality is that time will win. It always does.

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