Our new form of goverment

A friend of mine recently posted that the incoming administration was going to be a: kleptocracy = government by theft I agreed with the spirit, but disagreed with the specifics. I did a teeny bit of googling, and came up with this term: pseudocracy = government by lies I thought it appropriate, given the statements made by…

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As part of my duties as High Priest of the Wicca, I've performed wedding ceremonies. My legal authority to do this derives from the Universal Life Church, which makes those marriages "as legal as church on Sunday." The most recent ceremony I performed (in 2013) was for a same-sex couple. Just as it was legal for me…

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Questions about a gaming convention

I was hanging out with a group of friends on Monday night. We started talking about gaming conventions, what we liked and didn't like about the cons we've been to, how we might do things differently. That got me thinking: Among my gaming friends and connections, we have enough expertise to potentially start a gaming convention of…

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Biography progress

I interviewed Aidan Kelly yesterday. Check one more name off the list! <lj-cut>I'm still trying to schedule an interview with Orien Laplante. I've let slip my attempts to contact Carolyn Clark, and I haven't even tried to speak with Robin Goodfellow yet. I haven't had much luck on getting PDFs of back issues of Green Egg or…

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Friendship on the House on the Hill

One of my favorite board games is Betrayal on House on the Hill. It’s a semi-cooperative board game. The game has two phases. In the first phase, the players work together in exploring an old house. After a random event occurs, the game shifts into its second phase: One players’ character is randomly chosen to be a traitor. The traitor works to kill off the other players’ characters, while the other players work together to escape that fate.


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