1000 Days of Klingon

tlhIngan Hol vIHaDtaH qaStaHvIS wa’SaD jaj = I have studied the Klingon language for one thousand days.

I don’t have much to add to my earlier essays on my study of Klingon (links at the end of this post). I do have both good news and bad news, depending on whether you feel that studying Klingon is a worthwhile endeavor.

The good news that the Tips from the old Duolingo Klingon course, before the course was changed to its current inferior version, are available on a third-party site. Many of the later Tips are unfinished, since the course was still being developed even as Duolingo pulled the rug out from under it. Still, those Tips are better than the current Guidelines.

The bad news is from an announcement made on the #duolingo channel of the Klingon Language Discord:

janSIy 🥈 — 05/10/2023 10:40 PM
Sad news, but not all bad…

Duolingo has decided to pause development of the Klingon from English course effective immediately. The Klingon from English course will remain on Duolingo entirely for free. This decision was made by Duolingo in order to focus resources on improving the quality of some of their larger courses first. Any questions about the course should be directed to Duolingo directly.

This includes the fact that no one will be reviewing reports for the foreseeable future. We hold out hope that they may eventually get back to having the KLI improve the course further.

As it stands, the Duolingo Klingon course is what it is, incomplete and with occasional errors.

Of course, there’s the usual mundane attitude that Klingon is a created language for a fictional universe. But I wonder if the other low-use Duolingo courses like Latin or Xhosa are experiencing the same thing.

If my math is right, I’ll complete the course in less than a year. I think I have roughly another 320 days to go. After that… we’ll see.

If I stay on course, you can look forward to another Klingon essay on December 1, 2023.

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