If you’ve met me, you know that I like to wear colorful t-shirts. I typically pick up a new shirt at each festival or convention I go to.

What happens to the t-shirts when they wear out? It used to be that I’d just use them as rags. I’ve learned something else I can do:


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My bookshelves were full of all the games I’ve purchased recently. The games had spilled over onto the floor, stashed in canvas bags so I could easily grab them to take to a friend’s place or a game night.

A friend of mine had a couple of bookcases she had to give away. They were the same style as the Billy bookcases I already had. I took action.


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Calling all gamers

I'm going to offer a demo of Fluxx: The Board Game on Thu July 25 at the regular board-game night at Hobbytown in Nanuet NY. The address is: Hobbytown Nanuet 57 Rockland Center Nanuet, NY 10954 The store has a board-game night every Thursday. Folks arrive to play games at 7:30PM. Gaming lasts at least until midnight,…

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Bioshock Infinite – Archived review

I finished Bioshock:Infinite last night. My reaction, in brief: - This is most beautiful game I've ever seen. They managed to crank out more detail and depth out of an aging console than I could have possibly imagined. - The game is violent, especially during melee. I cringed, but accepted it; I'd heard the story was worth…

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