Calling all gamers

I’m going to offer a demo of Fluxx: The Board Game on Thu July 25 at the regular board-game night at Hobbytown in Nanuet NY. The address is:

Hobbytown Nanuet
57 Rockland Center
Nanuet, NY 10954

The store has a board-game night every Thursday. Folks arrive to play games at 7:30PM. Gaming lasts at least until midnight, though there have been times when some dedicated gamers (like me) have stayed until 3AM! Of course, you can come and go as you like. If you arrive after 8PM, knock on the door.

This is not just an invitation to play FtBG. Come and meet the gamers. They play board and card games of all types and skill levels. Some are quiet, some are loud, all are fun to play with. I think you’ll enjoy it!*

Typically we order out pizza. You can get other food (including veggie items) at the supermarket or the restaurants in Rockland Center.

For more information, see their Meetup and Facebook pages.

* If you’ve been looking for someone with whom to play Magic: The Gathering, this is the place! There are many MtG players there, and the store hosts tournament-level games.

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