Warning: This is a vent post. It contains little or no useful content.

This past weekend, I arranged a full social calendar.

On Saturday, my Wiccan group was going to meet. It was to be the last ritual before one of my students had a baby (and presumably will be absent for a while), and our first ritual with puppies. Originally it was going to be the first time one of my students was going to be the High Priestess, but she injured her leg so that became impractical.

On Sunday, a couple of friends I haven’t seen in years was going to come for a visit. One of them was a kinda-sorta-ex-girlfriend of mine. She was the one who made a pass at me (which is pretty much the only way I enter into relationships, since I’m usually too shy to ask). That time is long since past, but it’s still good to see her.

There were other things I could have done that weekend. There was a major gaming party at the home of another group of friends, the biggest they ever had. I had originally planned to go to the Ren Faire. Instead, I put that all aside in favor of what I felt were more important obligations.

On Saturday, one after the other, my students cancelled. It was all due to unavoidable and understandable circumstances. By the time of the last cancellation, it was too late for me to go to that gaming party.

When I say “unavoidable and understandable,” I refer to each student individually. Taken as a whole, it becomes frustrating. When I was a student, I came to every ritual. If I was sick, I stuffed myself with meds and went. If I couldn’t drive, I arranged a lift. There was one ritual I attended when I had corneal abrasions in both my eyes; I was effectively blind, but I still went.

I found a way. My students don’t, or can’t, or won’t.

The next day, I get a call from one of the friends who will visit. They’re just about to leave.

A half-hour later, I get another call. They haven’t left; they’re not going to. They’re both too sick to come.

By this time, it’s too late to go to the Ren Faire.

I understand that health is the most important thing. These friends are usually reliable, and it really hurt them to cancel. My frustration came because of my students’ cancellations the previous day.

I had planned a social weekend. Instead, I did a bit of exercise… but spent the bulk of the weekend watching television.

Stuff happens. Cancelled social events should be the worst of my problems. My irritation with the situation definitely stems from over-privilege and under-empathy.

It still sucked.

End of vent.

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  1. shades_of_nyx

    Yup. It sucks. I’ve had it happen too.
    That said, I’ve found it better to encourage sick folk to stay the frak home! Really, we don’t need to share the germs. And Circle has an awful lot of germ sharing smooching going on. We all stay healthier if contagious folk stick to themselves.

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