Bioshock Infinite – Archived review

I finished Bioshock:Infinite last night. My reaction, in brief:

– This is most beautiful game I’ve ever seen. They managed to crank out more detail and depth out of an aging console than I could have possibly imagined.

– The game is violent, especially during melee. I cringed, but accepted it; I’d heard the story was worth it.

– The story WAS worth it. It was totally unexpected. It was refreshing not to have a game ending that was “and you became king of all Skyrim!”

– However, I’m forced to agree (at least in part) with this Ars Technica article:

The TLDR version: The story was only comprehensible if you collected the vodaphones, something that many gamers consider to be optional. I only picked up a little over half of them, and I looked hard (though apparently not as hard as some of you). I could only piece together the entire story by reading ‘net commentaries after I finished the game.

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