Mojo follow-up

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was working on a talk about the history of Nevis. I presented that talk yesterday. I'd been worried about how the talk would be received. I focused more on the history of the Nevis estate and on the construction of the Nevis synchrocyclotron than the research we've done in…

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Playing with the Mojo

I recently picked up Playing at the World by Jon Peterson. This book is a history of the game Dungeon & Dragons.

Since many of my readers are Wiccan, I’ll use an analogy that will make sense to them: Playing at the World does for D&D what Ronald Hutton’s Triumph of the Moon did for Wicca. It explores the different elements and influences that resulted in D&D, and follows the chain of influence forward as D&D affected the world around it. [1] [2]


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Thanksgiving nightmare

I know the holiday of Thanksgiving has its origins in colonial activities with a dubious morality at best. I know it's not a holiday celebrated world-wide, nor is it religious. Be that as it may, it's a holiday that's come to have a meaning that transcends its origins and the demands of a belief system. I had…

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I hung with out with one of my Wicca students yesterday. She's incredibly pregnant, due in under a week. She looks just about ready to pop. You can see and feel the baby's feet move as he shifts around in her mother's tummy. It's an amazing experience. Mother and baby are both healthy. The baby may be…

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