The past two days have been very hard. I was at my lowest ebb physical and spiritually.

The pain from eye was constant.

I learned the heard way that I’ve become physically addicted to the painkillers.

Almost all my friends were busy this weekend, at festivals or trips or whatever. I thought I had no one to talk to.

This morning, I prayed to Hermes, my patron deity, and to Hecate, the goddess of the Witches. I asked for whatever help they could give.

Not fifteen minutes later, Vann calls me to check up on me. Vann is fellow member of the Hermes Council. The suggestion to call had come from Joyce, whose been an eclectic Witch for longer than I’ve been in the Craft.

He listened. He spoke with me. He offered advice. He helped to prioritize the medical needs; he’s not a doctor, but he’s seen a lot of people dealing with drugs and painkillers and whatnot.

Life is easier now.

Thrice-greatest Hermes, mighty and powerful Hecate: I give thanks for these blessings. You have my devotion and service for as long as lies within my power to offer it. One day, I hope soon, I’ll ask for ways to pay back for the gifts you’ve given me.

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