Hope, three

I just came back from visiting Mist at the cat clinic. <lj-cut>She’s not happy, but she’s definitely healthier. She’ll still be there for at least a couple of days. Until the biopsy results come back, we won’t know what’s next. She has a mass on her lymph node and her bowel. The vet hopes it’s lymphoma, because that means the course of treatment would be chemotherapy. If it’s not, the next step would be surgery, and the vet would rather not operate on a Mist when she’s so weak. Either way, this is expensive. Chemo for cats runs about $1000/month for 29 weeks. For cats, chemotherapy is usually just palliative; it gives them a good quality of life for a few years. I’ve already decided which way I’ll go: I can’t put a price on someone I love. As long as she’s comfortable, I’ll handle it. So no trips or festivals in 2016. No visits to California to see my mother; she’ll be vexed but she’ll have to deal with it. My father offered to go halfsies with me on a new car, but now I can’t afford the monthly payments on even half a car; I’ll just have to keep repairing my 1998 car for as long as I can. I’m grateful that I found a good veterinarian who’s able to give Mist the care she needs. I’m grateful that, even though this is a serious financial blow, I can handle it. And I’m grateful for all the people who gave their good wishes and energy to my little boo-boo-baby, especially from those who never met her. </lj-cut>

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