Protected: Circle

Tonight was the first time I was in a Wiccan Circle since my health problems began. At the start of the day, I was full of energy and looking forward to it. Cleaning my apartment took a bit out of me, but I still felt decent. By the time of the Circle, I was feeling low, with…

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The past two days have been very hard. I was at my lowest ebb physical and spiritually. The pain from eye was constant. I learned the heard way that I've become physically addicted to the painkillers. Almost all my friends were busy this weekend, at festivals or trips or whatever. I thought I had no one to…

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Advantages and disadvantages

I'm reorganizing my apartment. I bought three new book cases, donating those books I no longer need, and moving the remaining books to different shelves.  This has its advantages. For one thing, all my Wicca-, pagan-, and magic-related books are in one place my students can access easily, in case they have to reference something. It also…

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A Dangerous Book

Fire Child: The Life and Magic of Maxine Sanders ‘Witch Queen’

I’ve often claimed that Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia is the most dangerous movie ever made. The reason is that, after you watch it, you may have the overwhelming urge to tell the whole truth to the ones you love.

Fire Child is a dangerous book for any teacher of the Craft to read, because it can leave them with the feeling that they’ve short-changed their students; at least, if they haven’t passed on the experiences that Maxine Sanders describes in this autobiography.

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