Staged is a clever TV series now available on Hulu. In it, Michael Sheen and David Tennant play fictionalized versions of themselves. In the first season, they’re restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic but still try to rehearse for a play to open immediately after the pandemic ends. In the second season, things get meta as they deal with a remake of the first season of Staged for the US market.

If you saw Good Omens on Amazon Prime, you’ll be delighted to know that the chemistry between the two actors is still in full swing for Staged. I enjoyed their ever-changing relationship dynamic as they face the pressures of the pandemic, their actor’s egos, and the complications of isolation when the only meaningful connections they can make outside their own families is a Zoom conference.

I’ve binged-watched far too many shows during this past year. This is only one that had me consistently laughing out loud.

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