Leaving Twitter

No big deal. I rarely used it. It was fun to glance at a few things that some celebrities said, and occasionally there’d be a thread written by someone I respected.

However, if I want to read a lengthy opinion, I’d rather read the essay in its entirety, like on a blog. (Looks around.) For example, the blog you’re reading now.

I’ve been fortunate. I have never been exposed to trolling and hate that so many Twitter users have experienced. Given the people I follow, and the nature of my infrequent posts, it might be that I never would, even if the new owner turns the site into a bubble where the majority of users trade ultra-right conspiracy theories.

The problem is, Twitter is not free. Although I never see any ads (ad blockers are the third-greatest thing that the Goddess ever invented, after sex and sarcasm), it consumes my most valuable resource: time.

I am not going to give any resources to a disgruntled billionaire who’s envious of other social-media billionaires’ efforts to promote autocracy.

Farewell, Twitter. I won’t miss you.

P.S. I actually managed three Twitter accounts: my personal account; Kickin’ Wiccan; and Nevis Laboratories. I’ve deactivated the first two. I’ve asked for formal permission to delete the work account, but it will probably be a week or two before I hear one way or the other.

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