Adoption Day: Year Two

June 19th is Adaption Day in my household. It’s the anniversary of the date when I bought two little kittens, Jiku and Shuba, into my home. I celebrated last year with a post with cute cat pictures. I see no reason not to repeat the custom this year.

A glimpse of how far we’ve come. Here’s Jiku as a teeny kitten.
Not to outdone, here’s teeny Shuba.
As kittens, Shuba and Jiku had no problems sharing dinner space. These days they tend to eat individually.
From kitten to two-year-old cat: Jiku lounges where I’ve organized components of the Great Wall.
Jiku is cuddly, but there’s no question that Shuba is the more photogenic of the two. That’s mostly because when I try to take pictures of Jiku, he usually walks over to me for a snuggle instead of holding a pose.
Moments when the two of them hang out together have grown fewer as time has gone on. That’s why, when I get the chance, I try to take a picture of this rare occurrence.
The laundry in the basket is clean. My inspectors have assured me of it. (In truth, it’s mostly Shuba who hangs out in the laundry basket by himself.)
When the table space is limited, sometime they have no choice but to accept each other’s presence.

Jiku and Shuba wish you a happy Adoption Day!

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