Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Archived review

This is a “sequel”/DLC for Uncharted IV. Strictly speaking, you don’t have to have played Uncharted IV to play U:LL; there are quick tutorial explanations for all the keypresses you’ll need. As a practical matter, I think the game would be quite difficult without familiarity with the typical “tricks” needed to get through other Uncharted games; for example, there’s no direct explanation of how to jump across a chasm and hook onto a porous surface with your piton.

The same applies to the game’s story; there are enough references to previous Uncharted games that a new player might be confused by some of the cutscene discussion. However, the story is not a direct sequel and can be played independently. The plot: You play Chloe Frazier, from Uncharted II and III, and team up with Nadine Ross from Uncharted IV. Together you pursue the Tusk of Ganesh, trying to stay ahead of Asav, the villain du jour, mowing down his mercenaries.

U:LL offers a couple of new mechanics for Uncharted games: Chloe is able to pick locks (not much of challenge); there’s an “open area” near the middle of the game where you can go where you want and encounter challenges in the order you choose. The open area includes a set of optional encounters/puzzles that, if completed, give you a fun-but-not-critical reward.

Otherwise the game offers the usual Uncharted game-play: platforming, puzzles, combat, and cutscenes. As in Uncharted III and IV, you can get through many combat encounters through stealth instead of blasting away with your guns. To its credit, the game has no “impossible” jumps nor any “memorize this trajectory” challenges which marred some of the previous Uncharted games for me.

The graphics are at least the equal of Uncharted IV, if not superior. Naughty Dog clearly gave this game their best effort in art design and detail. I played this game on the PS4, and I was pleased with what I saw on the screen.

At its current price of $40 you may find it a tad expensive for a game that took me 10 hours to play (on the Casual setting), but the price is certain to come down in the next few months.

My final verdict: If you’re a fan of Uncharted and would like a bit more of the same, I recommend this game.

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