Dragon Age: Inquisition – Archived review

For my part, I enjoyed the game. I played in Easy mode, and so had no problems in combat except for the dragons (and maybe a giant when I was too complacent). Like Gwyd, I overleveled a couple of zones, but went through them anyway because I’m a content glutton.

I think I liked the characters better than Gwyd did. In particular, Bioware really flipped the bird at anyone who complained about same-sex relationships in previous DA games: two of the characters would only accept same-sex romantic relationships with your character, and for one character their sexuality was a key part of their personal mission. There was even a minor character who was (convincingly) cross-dressing.

My problems with the game were all minor, but I’ll mention them because they’re different from Gwyd’s observations:

– In DA2, you had fine control over a character’s behavior when you weren’t controlling them. It made it possible for the AI to automatically cast combos for you. In DA:I, the automatic behaviors are coarse; the only way to make damage combos is to micromanage each character’s skills.

– There is a sequence about one-third of the way into the game that’s meant to be emotionally stirring, as all the characters sing a song to build up morale. Unfortunately, this fails visually as the character’s facial animations were simply not up to the task. I played the game on a PS4, so I don’t think this was a hardware limitation. The sequence only lasts a couple of minutes, but for those minutes I thrown to the other side of the uncanny valley.

– Your character is made the head of the “Inquisition” within the first hour of playing the game. I have a problem with that name. You have a choice whether to make it an organization of hope or one of terror. But even as I always picked the “fair and just” choices, I had a hard time believing that an “Inquisition” would be such a nice organization.

As I said, these are nitpicks. Overall, I was pleased with this first game I bought for the PS4. (You can read my scathing review of my second PS4 game upthread.)

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