Biography progress

I interviewed Aidan Kelly yesterday. Check one more name off the list! <lj-cut>I’m still trying to schedule an interview with Orien Laplante. I’ve let slip my attempts to contact Carolyn Clark, and I haven’t even tried to speak with Robin Goodfellow yet. I haven’t had much luck on getting PDFs of back issues of Green Egg or Gnostica. There are folks who have those back issues, but there’s no easy way to get them scanned; there are libraries with those issues on microfiche, but I’m loathe to spend $200 for a medium that I have no easy way to read. With all that said, I have the occasional feeling that I’ve already got enough material to write a book. The problem is that feeling is accompanied by another one: I’ve got enough material to write a <i>lousy</i> book. I still don’t know enough about Isaac’s experiences in Berkeley (during any of the phases of his Berkeley life), nor about the founding of ADF, nor a myriad of other details that turn recitation or speculation of the facts into a compelling narrative. As I say before my <a href=”″>Nevis history talk</a>, the art of history is to weave the facts into a compelling narrative; the science of history is to make sure those facts are accurate. I don’t think I yet have a grasp on either the art or the science for Isaac’s biography. </lj-cut>

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