My Silver Jubilee

Something occurred to me recently: it’s my quadranscentennial. I’ve been involved with Wicca for 25 years.

Of course, that’s not a record by any measure. What do Craft Elders call someone who’s been Wiccan for 25 years? Answer: “The new kid.”

I’m almost overwhelmed by the journey my life has taken: From my first reading of “The Spiral Dance” and visiting Deborah Lipp’s home, to running Acorn Garden as a High Priest of the Wicca; from struggling with a proton structure-function analysis to being Doctor Doctor Doctor Seligman; from walking into my first LARP to… well, World of Warcraft today.

Some things have not changed: I’m still single, though more experienced and with better stories than I had then; I’m still financially comfortable, and immensely grateful for it; still love SF and comic stories, though I now listen to the former on audiobooks and watch the latter on movies and TV.

My transitions are not yet done. There’s more work to do. I’ve set some goals for myself that seem as far from where I am now than expertise in the Craft seemed to be in 1991.

It’s been a fun journey. I’ll see where it takes me next.

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