Anyone need an old microwave?

In 2007 I bought a Sharp R820BS microwave convection oven. It’s been a handy tool for me.

As a bachelor, I eat mostly prepared foods. In the morning I might microwave a Hot Pocket; in the evening I’d bake some fish cutlets or a meat pie.

About three weeks ago I smelled burnt food, turned around, and saw smoke coming out of the oven. I’d set it to bake some food for 24 minutes, but as I was frantically unplugging everything I saw that the display said it was in microwave mode. It took the better part of two weeks for me to get the burnt-smoke smell out of my apartment (lots of vinegar on every available and some unavailable surfaces).

OK, maybe I’m fumble-fingered. Maybe I hit the wrong button. I tried baking another meal, then another, and everything was fine. I treated it as a one-time incident.

A few days ago the oven started smoking while baking. This time I caught it before it stank up the place. Once again, the display indicated that it had been in microwave mode. It’s clear that the oven has a problem: If you set it to convection, it might spontaneously switch to microwave. (Or I was fumble-fingered twice… maybe.)

I’ve got a new microwave convection oven now. I might as well offer the old one to anyone who wants it for just microwaving, or is willing to keep an eagle eye on it while using it for grilling or as a convection oven. It’s old, still smells slightly of burnt food, and is not clean on the inside. It’s acceptable for “we need a microwave for our clubhouse” or “I need something for my first apartment.”

Any takers? Note: If you mention Freecycle, I’ll know you haven’t read this entire post! First I want to see if any of my acquaintances can use it.

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