Am I still overreacting?


Some of you may recall an earlier blog post I wrote entitled Am I overreacting? I ask the question in the context of my continuing isolation in the face of COVID.

In that article, I pointed to the condition of Dianna Cowern (PhysicsGirl on YouTube) who was suffering from long COVID.

Today, a friend of hers (Destin of SmarterEveryDay) posted a video about her condition.

In short, Dianna fell ill back in February 2023. She’s still quite sick. She’s crashed several times. From the descriptions, it’s hard for me to tell if she’s getting better.

There but for the Grace of the Goddess go I.

So no, I’m not overreacting.

Since I’m doing well enough, I’ve decided to join the PhysicsGirl Patreon. The money I’m adding to her care and well-being is a pittance compared to what I’d lose if the same thing happened to me.

I may seem weird, or selfish, or idiosyncratic. You may assume I’m a hypochondriac for insisting that your COVID shots be reasonably up-to-date. and that you test negative on an at-home COVID test, before we meet face-to-face. I hope you now understand why.

Please think about getting your vaccines and boosters; ask your doctor. Please think about wearing masks, even if the state’s health department no longer requires it.

There are lots of other people out there who are potential Diannas. Please help them.

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