I just had a second MRI. It went better than the <a href=””>last time</a>. I had less pain while driving. I know have some hope that I’ll finally be able to drive to work sometime next week. The experience did not seem as long this time. Maybe it’s because I found a way to occupy my time: humming the “Blue Danube Waltz” to myself a couple of times. That’s the see. Unfortunately, there’s a saw. My cat Mist is sick. She’s crouched under my bed, and (mostly) has stayed there for the past couple of days. She’ll purr when I pet her, but she’s not eating and she’s drinking very little. Taking her to the vet will involve much drama; I might have to disassemble the bed to get to her. I will have to travel further to find a vet (Oradell Animal Hospital?) that would see her over the weekend. I don’t know whether it’s better to push myself and her after only a couple of days of illness, or if I should wait and see if she’s better by Monday. Sometimes this grown-up stuff isn’t easy.

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