Wrong station

So far in 2015, I've had a foot ulcer, bleeding in my eyeball, a spine injury, my cat died, and my mother was put into a hospital for dementia. Plus $4K of car repairs. Goddess, would you please change the radio station? My life is apparently set to the country-music channel.

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A child of Boo

I have to write this. This doesn't mean you have to read it. Just skip it. This is the story I told my cats from time to time. Once upon a time, there was a little black kitten who was living homeless on the streets of Jersey City. A human, CJ, saw the kitten and gave her…

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Hope, three

I just came back from visiting Mist at the cat clinic. <lj-cut>She’s not happy, but she’s definitely healthier. She’ll still be there for at least a couple of days. Until the biopsy results come back, we won’t know what’s next. She has a mass on her lymph node and her bowel. The vet hopes it's lymphoma, because…

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Hope, too

OK, this post you can read. It's a bit more optimistic. Taking Mist to the cat clinic was better than I expected. Yes, she was mad, sad, disappointed in me, and looking for a way to escape. However, she did not seem to be a cat on the verge of dying, just upset. The doctor, a different…

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If you've stopped reading my blog posts because they've become too depressing, I support and applaud that decision. Last night, Mist vomited once every couple of hours. She wouldn't stay on my bed, because she knew she'd vomit and she wanted to be ready. This morning Mist is under my bed. This means she's in pain. My…

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The next step

Mist is going to be hospitalized tomorrow. If all goes as expected, I'll pick her up on Friday. <lj-cut> I'm giving her lactic ringers, so she isn't become dehydrated. But she vomits a few hours after I give her the SQ fluids. She can't take in anything orally (food, water, pills) without vomiting it up. She needs…

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