Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Archived review

I have mixed feelings about this one. I’d like to say it was better than Uncharted 2, but I find I can’t.

What’s better: The graphics, the environments, the storyline, the voice-acting. Everyone put their all into making this the most cinematic of all the adventures. (If I were George Lucas and/or Steven Spielberg, I might considering suing; some of the action comes directly from the Indiana Jones films. On the other hand, if I were they, I’d stop messing with my old films…)

What’s not-so-good: In U2, there was only one instance of the kind of platformer challenge that I think of as “memorize this trajectory.” I don’t like these. Unless you’re incredibly lucky or a highly-skilled platformer, you’re going to die a lot until you’ve learned the moves to get you through the challenge. I accepted it in U2, since it occurs nears the end, as one last little extra task before ending the game.

In U3, there were at least three “memorize this trajectory” challenges, maybe more. For me, this brings the game to a screeching halt (even on “Very Easy” difficulty) as I try to figure out what moves the game designer expects of me.

Then there’s the Very Annoying Jump (TM). In U1, there was one, already described in this forum. In U2, there were none I can recall. In U3, there were at least two. Neither was as bad as the “Jump Of the Damned” in U1, but since one was along the side of a fortress while swinging, it reminded me of the worst moment in the series.

Short version: I’m a platforming wimp. Little Big Planet was too hard for me. So I have to downrate U3 a couple of notches for its extra platforming challenges. Despite the fact that every other aspect of U3 is better than U2, the gameplay tarnished U3 a bit.

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