“Give him six.”

A addendum to my last post:

he Doctor said I should be given some ibuprofen. The Hostess found a bottle. The Doctor asked, “How many milligrams of ibuprofen are in each pill?” The Hostess looked at the label. “200 milligrams.” “Give him six.”

So the Hostess gave me six pills and I swallowed them down. The Doctor was tending my back and didn’t watch this. It wasn’t until later, when six hours had passed and we discussing the next dose, that it became clear: When the Doctor said “Give him six,” she meant “six hundred milligrams” not “six pills.” Fortunately, my kidneys didn’t power-eject from my body or whatever happens due to an excess of ibuprofen.

The lesson: Make sure everyone providing medical care is speaking the same language!

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