Isaac’s status

It’s been about six weeks since I last posted about how Isaac Bonewits is doing.

Please bear in mind, as I discuss his health, circumstances, and requests, that in all good conscience I can only put forward those things that Phaedra has already made public, or for which I’ve received specific permission from Isaac to share. This is a hard time for the family, and I wish to give them control over their privacy.


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Protected: Good-bye

So I said good-bye to her.No fuss, no discussion, no more futile attempts at closure. I don't think she understands that we won't see each other again, or that that will be entirely her choice.She taught me a lot. But one lesson I did not learn is how to let go. Maybe I'll finally learn that lesson…

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A trip to LA

I flew to Los Angeles yesterday, to visit my mother for a combination Mother's Day + 80th birthday get-together. During the trip, I've had a chance to take in some of the sites of the region. Here are a few notes: - The Pacific Ocean is lovely. That beauty is marred by the horizon, where the smog…

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