Isaac’s current state

I saw Isaac last night. Right now, for him to be awake or aware is to be in pain, so he spends a lot of time asleep or mentally drifting.

I’m one of Isaac’s friends, but I am not his primary care-giver; his wife Phaedra is. If you’d like up-to-date information on Isaac’s condition and requests for additional healing work, I suggest looking at the Facebook page they’ve put up:

Again, if you live within convenient traveling distance from Valley Cottage NY, there is an important and valuable contribution you can make that even supersedes the magical workings. Please contact Phae for more information.

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  1. mseuphrates

    Thank you for the updates – I’ve been following on facebook, but as I would expect Phae is largely more concerned with actually caring for him than writing about it (which is as it should be). They are both constantly in my thoughts and prayers right now.

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